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Dialogo is one of the leading online insurance companies: simple, reliable, and always by customers' sides. It offers car and motorcycle insurance at reasonable prices without sacrificing reliable, timely, quality service.


  • Offer personalized services.
  • Remind customers of their insurance policy's expiration a few days in advance.
  • Facilitate the payment transaction.



Expiration reminder >>
Customized, personalized, and automatic reminder calls a few days before the insurance policy's expiration date. During the call the customer may request to:

  • Postpone the reminder for a few days.
  • Receive details for the wire transfer (by voice or via SMS).
  • Directly access the credit card Payment Service and make the payment without requiring any operator intervention.


  1. Effective and proactive contact with the end customer with timely feedback and an appreciated customer experience.
  2. Improved retention of customers who could change their insurance company.
  3. No impact on the ICT infrastructure, despite contact profiling and the use of Diaologo's customer service telephone number as the caller ID.
  4. Extremely low costs compared to other contact channels.

"At Dialogo we work to always offer the best service. Our goal is to earn more trust from our customers every day." To reach the highest standards of customer service, Dialogo chose the Expiration Reminder & Collection solutions of Your Voice, allowing them to provide 24-hour assistance, 7 days a week, even in self-care mode."

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