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How can I entice potential customers to interact with my company?
Install the Kubitoo button on all your pages and newsletters. And you won't lose a single customer!
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The multi-channel solution that connects you with your potential customers instantly.

A button for your web pages<br/>

A button for your web pages

It facilitates communication with your web users

It facilitates communication with your web users

Easy to install</br></br></br>

Easy to install

Kubitoo's features

Practical solution with no costs

Kubitoo is a button that, when installed on your website, newsletter, and landing page, allows users to instantly interact with your company, using their computers' microphone. Thanks to our solution, with a simple click the user connects to the phone number you have indicated. A practical, cost-free solution for the customer, as they are contacting you via a VOIP channel.


Kubitoo provides an instant touch point for customer support: applied to a specific web page, it traces the origin of the contact request, directing users to the various departments which resolve specific problems or deal with a particular product. You can manage the button by setting activation timetables and days and also by directing calls to a voicemail system.

Pay-per-use solution

Practical to install thanks to a plugin suitable for Joomla, WordPress, and Magento. With Kubitoo, you eliminate the cost of your telephone infrastructure and save by eliminating a toll-free number for your company. It is a Pay-per-use solution that lets you only pay for real contacts: the phone credit is subtracted at the end of each call.

Direct communication with an operator

The solution significantly reduces the abandonment rate of users browsing your page by facilitating contact with your company: in fact, the ability to communicate directly with an operator reassures your future customers, motivating them to proceed with purchasing a product/service on an e-commerce site.

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