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Cloud IVR improves the quality of your customer support: it reduces management time, delivers requests to the right interlocutor, and automates processes.

Cloud IVR is a turnkey system that automates and simplifies customer interaction in a number of areas:

  • Sales & Marketing: Sales Information (pricing, promos), order management, and payment methods.
  • Customer Service: Service information (event schedules, c/c balances), and delivery status (activations, deliveries).
  • Help desk: Troubleshooting state information.
  • Loyalty Programs: Contest and loyalty program management (checking scores, management of points/prizes).
  • Virtual Secretariats: Switchboards for company branches, local service centers, and dealers/partners.
A modular and flexible system

A modular and flexible system

A cloud-based virtual solution

A cloud-based virtual solution

Dynamic and multi-channel management

Dynamic and multi-channel management

Cloud IVR Features

A personalized guide for customers

The Cloud IVR system is the welcome guide for any of your customers wanting to get in touch with you. It properly directs customers to the support they need, and where possible manages the support automatically.

Your Voice's Cloud IVR makes it possible to profile the caller on the basis of previous requests and provides content tailored to your business needs thanks to integrations with your corporate systems.

Multi-channel and effective

It offers the opportunity to manage multiple communication processes in an automated fashion, taking advantage of different contact channels: in fact, our solution makes it possible to interact with customers via SMS messages, web links, and email.

The operator only intervenes to resolve specific problems, with a considerable reduction in Call Center demand loads and greater customer service efficiency.

A system for customer satisfaction

The customer is satisfied because he receives immediate assistance without unnecessary wait times as well as rapid solutions to his/her requests. In fact, the IVR system resolves customers' issues through pre-recorded messages and offers the ability to interact in real time using the telephone keypad or speech recognition.

IVR Designer: design your IVR system autonomously

An economic and practical answer to your needs

IVR designer is the module of Your Voice's Cloud IVR module that lets you automatically manage communication streams and processes in a simple and intuitive way: an economic and practical solution for dynamic companies that are often faced with new needs and must change their processes and communication streams.

High usability standards

The practical and intuitive solution allows you to create and modify the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) tree in self care with a drag & drop menu. 
No specific technical skills are required: the module has been designed to have the highest standards of usability.

Manageable in complete autonomy

Once you've designed your IVR, test the templates and manage them directly from your browser without having to carry out any installations or complicated actions. You can check the functioning of your IVR system in real time, as well as perform real time test calls before you implement it.


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