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The Cloud Contact Center is the solution

that will meet the needs of your digital and multi-channel customers

A Contact Center management system in cloud mode

A Contact Center management system in cloud mode

A ready to use, simple, and easy to integrate solution

A ready to use, simple, and easy to integrate solution

A tailor-made payment model based on your needs

A tailor-made payment model based on your needs

A solution for all sizes

Don't wait until your company gets too big to improve your communication processes.

Are your telephone call management systems unable to handle "contact peaks"?
Is your telephone call management not integrated with your CRM systems?
Do you want to open new contact channels for your customers?
Do you want to start managing your customers efficiently by directing their requests consistently?

Our Cloud Contact Center's features

Maximum Effectiveness

With Cloud Contact Center, you increase the efficiency of your telephone call management system to and from your company or Call Center.


The suite allows you to interact with your customers in multi-channel mode by accompanying the phone contact with sending SMS in real time, opening of a chat session, documents and data capture for immediate processing, and web contacts.


Integration with corporate systems (CRM, Trouble Ticketing, etc.) lets companies manage a customer's contact by knowing their characteristics and history: everything translates into a better experience and more efficient management for the company.

No limit on contacts

The choice of our solution eliminates the traditional limits on receiving and delivering contacts, thanks to the use of Your Voice's telephone streams.

Telephone number management

It allows the management of contacts through a single number, even in the case of a company with multiple offices. For sales phone campaigns, it exploits the CLI substitution, using specific territorial reference numbers.

Flexible, scalable, economical

No hardware, license, or telephone line costs. Ideal "pay-per-use" payment model for better management at certain times of the year, or during contact peaks. Overcome the limits of traditional telephone switchboards.

How it works

The customer has various web addresses and exclusive access to the system; its website and data traffic are encrypted according to the best security standards.


The suite is provided entirely in outsourcing, designed to comply with the most stringent security systems, and is hosted at our Data Center in Milan and Vedelago (TV).


Perhaps you are a new customer, you need to contact the administrative department, you need technical support, or want to send us issues/comments?

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