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Are customers satisfied with my services?
With Customer Satisfaction, you can immediately check your customers' degree of satisfaction.
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The perfect solution for learning your customers' degree of satisfaction.

Every customer is valuable, and knowing what they think of your services or products is the most effective way to keep them.
The automated "Customer Satisfaction" solution is an automated telephone survey conducted with customers with rated or closed-end questions.
The survey is organized as a "voice tree" and the customer uses the keyboard of his/her phone to express his/her opinion.
Automated solution<br/>

Automated solution

Practical solution<br/>

Practical solution

Easy survey creation

Easy survey creation

Customer Satisfaction Features

Practical and intuitive solution

The most practical solution for measuring how satisfied your customers are with their relationship with your company. It provides useful suggestions for improving your products or management processes so you always offer a customer experience that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. All this, in a simple and intuitive way.

Investigate and analyze

Your customer satisfaction survey can be based on specific themes and events. Creating the survey is fast and easy and the survey can be conducted within hours of a customer's trying a service, purchasing a product, or immediately after completing a call with your company's call center.


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