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Credit Reminder
How can I collect insolvent customers' debts? With a system that manages clients who do not meet expiration dates. Learn about our solution.
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An automated solution for soliciting company debts

This telephonic reminder system reduces the delay of customer's payments by 70%, avoiding the accumulation of unpaid bills.
Credit Reminder simplifies the communication process for soliciting overdue amounts, contacting customers automatically.
The most effective solution for soliciting debt collection

The most effective solution for soliciting debt collection

Fast and automated system<br/><br/>

Fast and automated system

Process management up to payment<br/><br/>

Process management up to payment

Credit Reminder features

Quick, timely, and discreet

The use of an automated solution for managing delays in customers' payments lets you cut staff and communication costs by up to 50%, and collection times up to 70%. Credit Reminder is a fast, timely, discreet automated system that guarantees the certainty of the communication and provides customers' responses to the request for the overdue balance.

The advantage of using an automatic reminder system to communicate with customers regarding their balances is being able to contact thousands of customers a day and update their situation. The system allows users to interact with the telephone keypad, requesting the overdue bill to be sent again. Integrated with our payment systems, the customer can also make the payment immediately during the telephone contact.


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