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Frequently Asked Questions

This page collects information regarding Your Voice‘s services. The most frequent questions (and answers) touching both technological and commercial aspects. This page will grow periodically, but feel free to contact us if your question is not yet listed, or in case you would like to ask a quote or a demo!


How do I top up the multichannel interactions?

Every top up lasts 12 months. Every time you “use” interactions (e.g: telephone traffic, one Visual CX, video straming session, etc.) the single price will be deducted from credit. You can ask us to set automatic notifications when certain treshold are reached and/or when credit goes under a defined percentage. In case you think you will use the credit in less than 12 months, or you just would like to add credits before that time, you can buy a top up. Its value will be equal or higher than the past one and, at each top up, the service will be extended for 12 more months.

How do you manage scalability and redundancy?

The requests we receive around Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are constantly growing, and they usually come from mid-big sized enterprizes (check the FAQs on the data centers). The July 2019 release re-newed the infrastructure in order to maximize scalability, performances, and efficiency of our services. In details:
  • 2 new state-of-the-art, redundant, with charge balancing features SBC (Session Border Controller);
  • 2 new redundant application servers, designed to optimize the scalability of multichannel communication services (VoIP and WebRTC, apllying for instance to Cloud IVR and Video Streaming);
  • New clustered, redundant databased in each data center;
  • New clustered, redundant web servers;
  • ISDN/VoIP redundant settings, in order to manage different incoming flows types, able to fit the several and peculiar needs of SMB and big companies;
  • balancing backup for the overall infrastructure and each client.

I want to know more about your data centers and Cloud solutions

Your Voice’s double data center supports scalability with great performances. It’s based on two structures placed 200 km away from each other, but they offer similar services. It’s possible to switch between one or the other in real-time, with minumum impact on the service itself. It’s possible to choose between a shared or private structure.


Do you limit how many senders and/or campaign type I can use while sending SMS?

No, there are no technical nor contractual limitation. Attention: senders MUST be register at Italian AGCOM (and/or other national Authorities) with company name.

Do you offer pre-paid packages as well..?

Yes, some of our clients use this solution when they can’t forecast the volumes they will manage – maybe they opened a new business or they want to proceed step by step; in other case some of our clients re-sell them. There are 4 different packages including calls, SMS, Emails, Video Streaming, etc. where we apply discounts based on the values you buy. A simulator will help you understand the interactions you will be able to manage with each package, and you will be able to set notifications as soon as you reach certain tresholds. Pre-paid credit, activation fees, and collateral professional services are billed in a single invoice once the service is activated; monthly fees will be billed bimonthly. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. There are several discount options you clould benefit!

How much is it?

Semplicity, flexibility, and scalability don’t apply only to technologies, but to pricing as well. On these principles base, we built a dynamic pricing that adapts to business needs (channel, volumes, etc.). In any case you will benefit from:
  1. Extremely low setup costs, quick service deploy (about 5-10 depending on the number of third-parties integrations), easy training to become a PRO (usually, 2-4 hours).
  2. Unlimited users: no pay-per-seat, no monthly fees. 10, 100, 1000 operators? No worries, you will have them all! (check the FAQ about this topic.
  3. pay-per-use: call minutes, IVR, SMS services, Video Streaming, etc. you pay only what you use, and we can create together the best package that suites your scalability.
In flexibility we trust, so we can speak about free trials, or fixed-price; If you want to learn more about pre-paid packages, read the dedicated FAQ.

I already manage my communication channels, what about payments?

In case your company manages or expects to manage payments (e.g: eCommerce, multichannel transactions, cash, payment cancellation, wallets, etc.) you can consider Your Voice to natively integrate with the services you use to communicate with your clients. Here we propose two use cases possible (among the alternatives):
  • When the utility company sends its client notifications, reminders, sollicits, it also allows credit card payments (also anticipating the cash flow);
  • The insurance company integrating personal customer care services with policy/prizes payments, everything compliant with current rules
Consider also that Your Voice is PCI DSS 3.2.1 service provider certified, the universal standard that norms how providers should handle credit card data. Not everyone can obtain such certification!

How many operators/contact centre/smart working users can I activate?

How many as you want. With Cloud Contact Manager there are no limits concerning user creation, nor activities or campaigns you would like to pursue (front-office, teleselling, credit collection, help desks, etc.) Users can activate or deactivate users on a growth, peak, fluctuation, season base your business encounters without worring about recurring or una-tantum per-sit costs.

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