Not only a Digital Payment gateway. Securely manage payments, wallets, and tokens

Digital Payments gateway and much more

PayPlus+ solves every aspect in managing multichannel transactions and payments. PayPlus+ can easily be also integrated into existing payment processors or PoS to empower them with additional wallet and token management functionalities.

Key Features


PayPlus+ connects with the main Digital Payment players: Processors, acquirers, and Payment Apps.


The most advances security standards are included (e.g: Fraud Detection, Anti-Bot, Strong Authentication, etc.).


Your Voice is a PCI DSS 3.2.1 Service Provider; Here to face the biggest FinTech’s challenges.



Every PayPlus+ service can be called via API by any application (e.g: contact centers, CRM, etc.).

Customizations & Integrations

Contact Center

Multichannel payment management (automatic or manual) via Call Center, IVR, Chat and Mobile Web Apps.

Smart Contract

Helps to monitor serial number registrations, warranty activation or status, licence usage or duration, etc.



Clients don’t need their credit card numbers; PayPlus+ authorizes, tracks, and certifies every transaction.



Payment authorizations, accesses and activations, data modifications, subscriptions and renewals, etc. everything is printed on uncorructible registers.

Use Cases

MO/TO, Charges, Subscriptions

Mail Order (MO) or Telephone Order (TO) payments allow customers to pay businesses with personal credit cards via email, mail, telephon orders. This is a great solutions for those who don’t want or can’t show up for payments. PayPlus+ manages also subscriptions, top-ups, credit card or account charges.

Notices, Bills, Invoices, Credit Collection

When PayPlus+ is integrated with other Your Voice services like Cloud Contact Manager or Visual CX, it empowers companies with increased customer engagement and incredibly low credit collection times. Notifications, solicitation, recursive payment or credit collection are a powerful tool, wo matter which market segment the company belongs to!

Integration With Accounts

We are open! PayPlus+ is eager to integrate with external platform such as national or international acquirers. Business opportunities are usually enhanced because, for instance, this partnership opens to third-parties multichannel transaction management.

Business Partnership Wallets

PayPlus+ APIs create and manage wallet services. Simply think about those companies that need to handle and distribute credits among master and sub accounts (e.g: employees car rental credits). 

Wallet management doesn’t apply to money only, but can handle loyalty programs, discounts, coupons, etc.



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