Quality, Security, Innovation, and reliability; these are the core principles of our certifications.

Quality Management System

A company that decides to embrace a Quality Management System makes a strategical choice that enhances overall performance and puts solid foundations to sustainability.

Having in place such international system give to the company the capabilities of: 

  1. providing products and services that regularly satisfy customer requirements; 
  2. embracing opportunities that increase customer satisfaction;
  3. facing risks and opportunities linked to the context and customer goals;
  4. proving that the company conforms to the requirements specified in the Quality Management System

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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

PCI DSS standard (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) sets forth the highest standarsa in how companies have to manage credit card data on a global scale. Having Your Voice services PCI DSS certified means that the company not only delivers highest quality in managing Digital Payments, but also that it involves all the resources needed to obtain excellent data protection and security.  

The principles of the certification are:

  1. building and maintaining a secure network infrastructure;
  2. protecting personal credit card data and how they are transfered;
  3. maintaining a vulnerability program;
  4. deploying strict access control actions and restrictions;
  5. continuously monitoring, updating, testing networks and systems involved;
  6. maintaining a stringent cybersecurity policy;

Innovative SMB

The Italian Commerce Chamber manages the "Italian Companies register" which contains a section dedicated to "Innovative SMBs" that collects and certifies companies that build and develop their business on innovation.

Your Voice was one of the first SMBs that entered that list at the Commerce Chamber of Milano Monza Brianza Lodi. In details, Your Voice satisfies at least two out of three criteria:

  1. investing in research, development, and innovation of at least 3% of the major expenses between cost and production total value;
  2. Out of total staff, at least 1/5th must be at least PHDs, doctors, researchers with at least 3 years of certified experience, or 1/3 having a master degree;
  3. having at least one patent or ownership right on an original software registered at the Public Software Register.

Register of Communication Operators

Every business granted or authorized in the field of the communication, must be listed on the Register of Communication Operators (Italian achronym ROC - Registro degli operatori di comunicazione) which registers the national press and broadcast media register too.


  1. Advertising agencies leveraging radio, TV, magazine, and newspaper advertising;
  2. Companies and agencies that produce and distribute radio and TV programs;
  3. newspaper and magazine publishers;
  4. telematic and and Telco providers, but also digital publishers.

The Communication Protection Authority governs the ROC.

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