Digital transformation: a new era for your business

Digital transformation: a new era for your business

In recent years, companies have had to face a completely new scenario : a highly competitive global market with new communication rules and a new type of customer. The advent of the Internet and the introduction of digital technologies have translated into a redefinition of roles and dynamics in the relationship between company and customer.

In the era of technology and speed, users expect to solve any issue through quick, easy solutions . This need is highlighted in relations with companies: customers want to be able to activate or deactivate services practically (automatic? In self-care?), access important information anytime and from any device, and get an immediate solution to problems and complaints.

What changes for your company?

On the one hand, customers have entered a new, always connected dimension thanks to the spread of smartphones and the continuous availability of the internet, which has transformed their perception of time , making periods of inactivity or overly-long wait times for receiving an answer no longer a possibility. The consumer who has learned to communicate from any device demands rapid solutions through all available channels: social networks, apps, and chat, and expects companies to effectively manage all these platforms 24/7.

On the other hand, companies must carefully and accurately respond to their customers' requests and manage new volumes of interactions . They know that today's consumers don't want to waste time and that the proper management of customer care activities, also carried out proactively to make them feel pampered and important, is a strong point in favor of keeping them faithful to the brand. They know that customer management is a strategic node for business.

Any company that cannot respond to customers' requests with the same speed is likely to lose customers' trust and, even worse, appear unprepared to face the challenges of digital transformation under the watch of the online community.

The solution? To not lose ground (and revenue), the only possibility is to identify and implement technological solutions capable of supporting customer management processes and solving problems with the speed and effectiveness that are expected today. Digital transformation thus becomes a great opportunity for any company to be more agile, flexible, and competitive. Let's see how.

What is digital transformation?

Regarding the corporate world, digital transformation can be seen in the process through which a company modernizes its approach to business problems with digital solutions and begins to integrate new technologies into its own processes (cloud, automated systems, virtual systems, chatbots, etc.).

Digital transformation: advantages for companies

Embracing digital transformation means combining trends and innovations to support customer needs. 
In fact, the customer is at the core of a company's digital transformation and ensuring a positive user experience is a priority. Digital development is the right way to ensure customer satisfaction.
Three components of digital transformation can be identified: organization, operating process, and technology .

Technology in customer management processes lets companies to make user experience more satisfying, improve process and service management and, consequently, increase profitability. The companies that have decided to invest in new solutions are already experiencing increased revenue, profits, and customer retention .

Third party providers

To address the challenge of the future, many companies rely on providers able to offer advanced solutions for managing certain processes: customer service, debt collection, customer data management, and the implementation of front-end and back-end applications.

Why use third-party providers?

Because it is the most practical solution as well as the cheapest. This type of choice allows the company to request technological solutions to complex and delicate processes from experts.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Accenture in 2015, 88% of the companies interviewed (the sample included companies in the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, China, India and Japan) rely on third-party solution providers for at least one component of their digital transformation.

Using third-party providers lets the company focus on the core of its business, delegating specialized processes to qualified parties.

If 63% of companies are still at an early stage of transition, the expectation is that within the next two years 45% of them will be in an advanced stage of the transformation .

If your company has not yet adapted to the new digital scenario, the best thing you can do is start by inquiring about the possibilities available on the market and evaluating those that best suit your needs.

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